About Us

SiliconSky GPS is solely dedicated to the design of GNSS/GPS products for commercial, consumer and military markets. Some of our best known partnerships include the Hertz NeverLost in-car navigation system; Apple’s first generation iPhone, John Deere’s StarFire 6000 farming navigation network and SkyGolf’s rangefinder that ranks #1 by professional golfers worldwide.

SiliconSky GPS’ core strengths? Precision, Navigation and Timing

  • GNSS/GPS engineering with stand-alone accuracy to 3cm
  • Reliable concept design to multi-million unit manufacturing management
  • In-depth knowledge of product life cycle, investor expectations and rollouts
  • Trusted reputation in the industry among worldwide partners and peers
  • We understand every aspect of the GNSS/GPS electronic products industry, emerging trends/applications and expected category growth over the next two decades

Today, we are partners with creative minds in the GNSS/GPS space who build products that impact every area of our daily lives – Smartphones, watches, handheld back-country mapping devices, UAV, asset tracking systems, land/air/sea survey, vehicle navigation, machine control and more.

SiliconSky GPS is a small, privately owned GNSS/GPS consulting firm focused on design and engineering for top-tier precision navigation product manufacturers. We’ve earned trust and a solid reputation since 1996 when the US Department of Defense announced the first fully operational GPS constellation of 24 satellites. We were among the first technologists and inventors who helped transform the world with GPS-enabled.